HOA Board of Directors & Committees

Valley Ranch HOA Board of Directors

  • President - Tyler Hager
  • Vice President - Kierstin Saucier
  • Director
  • Treasurer - Steffani Willms Morton, CPA
  • Secretary

Valley Ranch HOA Committees 

Learn about committees and activities in our community! If you are interested in starting a committee or joining an existing committee, please contact the VR Board of Directors or your Associa PMG - Houston Community Manager via submitting a TownSq Request Category - General. If you'd simply like to join a committee, please contact the committee chairperson for more information.

Volunteers are always welcome to participate in any or all of the following committees:

Landscape Committee - Clint Cole, Chairperson

We're looking for hands-on volunteers to help on the Landscape Committee to monitor and provide routine feedback on the service level provided by our landscape maintenance company.

Nomination Committee - Steffani Morton, Chairperson

Help to nominate candidates for election to the VR Board of Directors at the HOA Annual Open Meeting.

Social Events Committee - Jamie Lee, Chairperson

Are you the host with the most? Join our Social Events Committee to pitch in with your planning skills and help execute fun events the whole community will enjoy. valleyranchsocialevents@gmail.com 

Welcome Committee - Liz Bustillo, Chairperson

Help our new neighbors get acquainted with our community by joining the Welcome Committee. Stop by to say "hello" to new homeowners and drop off helpful information about the association and community.